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FreeOnlineEducation.com How-To Exclusive: Learn to Play Guitar & Free Guitar Lessons

General Music Sites

   8notes.com - free sheet music, music lessons, etc.
   AOL Music Portal
   Free Sheet Music Plus - guitar, piano, songs, lyrics, midi files, mp3, rock and roll....
   HitSquad.com - music software, mp3 software, sheet music, etc.
   Melody Assistant - a program that prints sheetmusic from midi files,
    as well as exporting midi to bitmap sheets.

   Musicians.net - musicians wanted, available, etc.
   National Association of Schools of Music
   Sheet Music Archive - an ideal place for downloading sheet music for free.
   Online Music Degrees - degree programs in music education and history
   TeachList.com - a large directory where you can find teachers for any instrument and music topic.


   Basic Guitar Lessons - from Free Online Education.com
   Beginner Guitar Lesson Archive.
   Best Way to Learn Guitar from GuitarNoise.com.
   Choosing a Guitar.
   Choosing Your Next Guitar.
   Classical Guitar Lessons.
   Guitar Chord Generator by Jim Cranwell.
   Guitars of the Stars.
   GuitarTricks.com. - over 3000 high-quality tricks with tabs and mp3 files.
   Online Guitar Chords and Scales - Interactive.
   Power Tab Editor.
   WholeNote.com - Online Guitar Community - a good source of musical articles.
   Learn to Play Guitar. Online Music Courses


   Beginning Drum Lessons
   DrumsDataBase.com - drum lessons and tabs.
   Drum Lessons from Harmony Central
   Electronic Drums FAQ
   Learn to Play Drums
   Learn to Play Drums with Virtual Drums


   Free On-Line Piano Lessons - from gopiano.com
   Piano Lessons by Quiescence Music - learn to play in the new age style with these free online lessons for beginning adults.

Music History

   Composers Biographies
   The Classical Music Navigator - A service directed primarily toward student and/or
     novice classical music listeners, and featuring a structure facilitating
     the identification and linking of composers and their works, styles, and influences.

   History of Western Music - from satellite-one.net


   How MP3's Work from HowStuffWorks
   Gizmodo MP3 News

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